MareCom project

INESC TEC estuda alternativa para facilitar comunicações em alto mar (Viva!Porto)
INESC TEC estuda alternativa para facilitar comunicações em alto mar (UP)
INESC TEC estuda alternativa para facilitar comunicações em alto mar (

BLUECOM+ project

Interview to "Dias do Futuro" (Antena 1 radio).

a.bel project

News about the "a.bel - The new interactive music" concert in Casa da Música:
Jornal Notícias newspaper
RTP 1 tv channel
SIC tv channel
TVI tv channel
Observador on-line newspaper
Público newspaper
Visão newspaper

SUNNY and WISE projects

TECHDAYS, Aveiro, Portugal
Antena 1 radio report about the SUNNY and WISE projects.

Mare-Fi and Under-Fi projects

Wi-Fi in the Depths (in portuguese)
Exame Informática Magazine report about the Mare-Fi and Under-Fi projects and the work being developed by WiN on above water and underwater radio communications.

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Under-Fi project in Exame Informática TV/Sic Notícias (in portuguese)
Exame Informática TV report about the Under-Fi project and the work being developed by WiN on underwater radio communications.

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HiperWireless project

INESC TEC and Wavecom developing new communications solution in the 17 GHz band (in portuguese)
By the end of 2015, Wavecom is expected to release its first communications product operating in the 17 GHz band. The new solution was developed in Porto by INESC TEC and expects to achieve radio ranges beyond 10 km.

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MTGrid project

EFACEC and INESC TEC develop wireless meter enabling real-time smart metering (in portuguese)
EFACEC and INESC TEC are developing a wireless communications solution that in the near future will enable the monitoring and control of the smart meters expected to be installed in millions of portuguese homes.

. smart-meter-MTGrid.jpg

Mare-Fi project

Mare-Fi is the name of the system created by INESC TEC that is already installed on a seacoast building. It aims to perform wireless communications tests from these land stations to nodes mounted in fishing ships. This is a pioneer project in the world which will allow access to the Internet up to five nautical miles in a near future.

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Porto Canal TV channel
Antena 1 Radio Station

Porto coast to get wireless internet network
A broadband network will be installed in 2014 along the coast of the Portuguese city of Porto, providing free Wi-Fi internet access to the local population, fisherman and tourists. The project is the result of a partnership between INESC TEC and the Association Porto Digital Association and foresees the installation of a wireless internet network along the coast from Porto to Povoa de Varzim.

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