Name: Gustavo João Alves Marques Carneiro

Email: <gjc AT SPAMFREE inescporto DOT pt>

Research topics:

  • Large vehicular wireless mesh networks
  • QoS
  • Network simulation tools
  • Multicast

PhD Thesis:

Research projects:

Open-source contributions:

Publications: (see also Google Scholar profile)

  • Journal:
    1. Hermes Monego, Gustavo Carneiro, José Oliveira, Manuel Ricardo, "An ns-3 architecture for simulating joint radio resource management strategies in interconnected WLAN and UMTS networks" accepted in European Transactions on Telecommunications journal.

    2. Gustavo Carneiro, Pedro Fortuna, Jaime Dias, Manuel Ricardo, "Transparent and Scalable Terminal Mobility for Vehicular Networks" accepted in Computer Networks (COMNET) journal. link. 5YIF=1.69.

    3. Gustavo Carneiro, Helder Fontes, Manuel Ricardo, "Fast prototyping of network protocols through ns-3 simulation model reuse", Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory (SIMPAT), vol. 19, pp. 2063–2075, 2011. link ns3proto-paper-v2.pdf

    4. Gustavo Carneiro, M. Ricardo, "QoS abstraction layer in 4G access networks", Telecommunication Systems, 2007.

    5. Gustavo Carneiro, J. Ruela, and M. Ricardo, "Cross Layer Design in 4G Wireless Terminals", IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, April 2004.

  • Other
    1. Eugen Borcoci, Gustavo Carneiro, Radu Iorga, "Hybrid Multicast Management in a Content Aware Multidomain Network", to appear in The Third International Conference on Advances in Future Internet, AFIN 2011.

    2. M. Ricardo, G. Carneiro, P. Fortuna, F. Abrantes, and J. Dias, "WiMetroNet—A Scalable Wireless Network for Metropolitan Transports", to appear in Proceedings of The Sixth Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications (AICT), May 2010.

    3. G. Carneiro, P. Fortuna, M. Ricardo, "FlowMonitor -- a network monitoring framework for the Network Simulator 3 (NS-3)", International Workshop on Network Simulation Tools, 2009.

    4. M. Wetterwald, T. Buburuzan, G. Carneiro, "Combining MBMS and IEEE 802.21 for on-the-road emergency", ITS Telecommunications, 2008. ITST 2008. 8th International Conference on, 2008.

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