Name: Tânia Pinto Calçada

Email: <tcalcada AT SPAMFREE inescporto DOT pt>

Goal: My goal is to create new knowledge in communication technologies and apply it to the real world. I have experience in project management, pre-sales support, network design, software development and R&D activities in the field of wireless communications. I am specialist on Wireless Mesh Networks based on Wi-Fi and on Intelligent Transport Systems.

Short bio:

I have received a Licenciatura (1999) degree and a PhD (2013) in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Facudade de Engenharia — Universidade do Porto under the supervision of Prof. Manuel Ricardo. Previously I was working for Novis, a telecom operator, designing corporate network solutions and doing project management for 4 years. I worked as research engineer at INESC TEC for 9 years. Currently I teach Network Engineering and Wireless Telecommunication Systems at ESTGL and I develop research activities related with Wireless Mesh Networks, Intelligent Transport Systems, and Context Aware Networks at WIN (WIreless Networks) area of UTM (Telecommunications and Multimedia Unit).

Research topics:

  • Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Resource Management and Channel Assignment Strategies on WMN
  • Network Planning
  • Vehicular networks

Research Projects:

  • Alicante Role in the project: Task leader, researcher

  • MC-WMNs Role in the project: Researcher

  • Sitme Role in the project: Project manager

  • Flexnet Role in the project: Project manager

  • Daidalos Role in the project: Contributions on ad-hoc networks integration


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